How To Hire A Roofing Company

( aka Why Hire Ace Roofing? )

If you are going to read only one portion of this website, this should be it!

"This article is written with protection of the public in mind. It is true that in a roundabout way this article benefits Ace Roofing, but it would be hard to deny the general ideas and suggestions in this article. It is based on our many years of experience in this almost completely unregulated trade where anyone with a truck, ladder and a hammer is free to call himself a roofer. Though no particular names or companies will be mentioned in this article, but rest assured that most, if not all, of the following examples were either witnessed by the staff at Ace Roofing, or were told to us by reliable first hand witnesses (and victims)."

At Ace Roofing we have formulated a solid stategy to stand out in the roofing industry. With several options available to our potential customers, we conduct our work in a manner that is second to none. The following are some of the major considerations to take into consideration when hiring a roofing contractor.

1. We Conduct Free, Honest Estimates

Ace Roofing does not charge money for conducting an estimate of a potential job. We coordinate a meeting time with our clients and, where possible, actually take measurements of each and every structure that we bid on, so as to calculate a fair and unwavering price for the work. Some of our competitors like to conduct “drive-by” estimates which we find to be inaccurate, inadequate, and lazy and often result in price increases part way through the project. We take the time to use our experience in assessing each project thoroughly. If we find that a roof does not require any work, we do not hesitate to inform our clients. On this same note there are many roofing companies out there that bid really low to get a contract, all the whilst we think they plan to increase their price part way throught he project, or at the end. These companies often have a polished routine whereby they can justify additional expense (sometimes a significant increase), and if that doesn't work they can resort to bullying and threats. When I mention this possibility to people they seems to always reply, "I will never pay more than I was quoted." Because this tactic is used so often I assume that it must work relatively often, but even if it doesn't, do you really need the hassle? Ace Roofing estimates are guaranteed prior to a projects start, with the exception of any unexpected wood work (if we unexpectedly find some rotten wood that needs to be replaced, etc).

Concerns: Does the roofing company actually measure the roof? We take lots of measurements of your roof, not just to calculate its surface but also to measure valleys, eaves, ridges and more to prepare a very accurate estimate we can guarantee. If the roof is measured, is it also checked for specific damage in known problem areas? Since we measure each roof we quote, we also attempt to check for trouble in problem areas such as valleys, around chimneys and skylights etc., so that we can better anticipate potential issues with the sheating.

2. Once We Confirm The Quote, It Does Not Change

The hard work Ace Roofing puts into the accuracy of our estimates results in our ability to stick to the quoted price. “Drive-by” estimates are prone to errors in which a contractor finds himself short of materials and may ask his client to pay for the difference. We do not put our clients in this situation (there have been a few instances where we were short on materials, but paid for it ourselves without mention to our clients). There are only two exceptions to this rule: first, if we find wood sheathing that needs to be replaced that was not included in the original estimate (and even then we charge very little to replace it, often at no profit), and second, if the dimensions on the roof differ from that which was quoted (this is sometimes the case with new construction, as alterations and changes are sometimes made on-the-fly after the quote has been prepared). If either case arises, Ace Roofing charges a very fair amount that our clients are informed of as soon as we we realize either one of these cases has arisen.

Concerns: Does the roofing company take their time in measuring up a roof in order to provide an accurate cost estimiate? At Ace Roofing we climb up onto every roof that we can so that we can prepare an estimate that we are extremely confident in. Does the company value a good reputation? If the company is not driven to excel, their big effort might end with the signing of a contract -- all will be too late after that.

3. We Stick To Our Project Dates

One of the main inconsistencies in the construction industry is the ability to perform work in a timely manner. At Ace Roofing we use a scheduling system that allows us to guarantee start dates with extremely few exceptions (we are weather dependent, after all), and do our work in an efficient and timely fashion. We always keep our clients well informed, and the good communication we promote results in zero delays in our scope of work. Also, we never take on more work than we can handle, and we complete our projects one at a time. We never bounce between different work sites. Once we beging working on your roof, you can be sure we will be working only on your roof until it is complete. Some companies overbook themselves to avoid losing contracts, then struggle to keep up with the work they have. This creates stress and delays, two things that Ace Roofing avoids almost completely by utilizing a single experienced crew.

Concerns: Is the roofing company going to start the job relatively soon? If not, this could give rise to misunderstandings are things that were agreed on become forgotten. Also, delays in the start date could result in product price increases that some roofing companies might try to pass onto you. Ace Roofing never books very far ahead, and we typically start and complete projects within a month of accepting the job. Is the roofing company going to be dedicated to your roof? Companies that overbook or have unreliable or seasonal crews often end up bouncing their crews around between different worksites. This can be very frustrating, and can stretch out the duration of your roofing project by magnitudes. We have one crew that works on one roof at a time.

4. All Our Projects Are Handled By Experienced Professionals

While working on a project Ace Roofing always has experienced professionals on site. We do not permit our trainees, if we have any, to tackle the task of roofing by themselves. Each and every step of the job is supervised and performed by the owner of Ace Roofing, ensuring that he uses his experience and all his “tricks-of-the-trade” to provide the highest level of workmanship and quality to our clients. Some of our competitors like to hire seasonal workers that often exaggerate their experience and knowledge, and are trusted, unduly so, with the structural integrity of your roof. We feel that this is too much risk for us to take with your home, and so we have a multi-layered approach to ensuring quality during each step of the roofing process.

Concerns: Does the roofing company have an experienced crew? Ace Roofing always provides an experienced crew. All of our employees have roofed for years and our crew is headed up by the owner of the company himself, which is an extremely scarce occurrence. Does the roofing company pay its workers well to keep them honest and motivated? Ace Roofing has maintained its experienced crew for years because we pay well, with added incentives for reliability and exceptional work ethic. This is the only way to guarantee that the crew, from top to bottom, starts and finishes each day of work with quality and efficiency in mind.

5. We Do Not Subcontract Out Our Work

Wouldn't it be a nasty surprise to see a different roofing company work on your roof than the one that provided you with your roofing quote and the one you will be paying for the job? Believe it or not, this is often the case. Some roofing companies send their most knowledgeable, clean-cut, and personable roofer to do quotes in a shiny new truck, and then do an abrupt 180 degree turn and subcontract the job out to what is often a second or third tier roofing company (if you can even call it a roofing company). These subcontractors are paid by the job, as opposed to by the hour, which often results in hurried workmanship for which they rarely take responsibility. This work arrangement often ends in shoddy work and denial of responsibility when it comes to repairs and damages. Ace Roofing, despite having the option to expand the company by subcontracting, has opted to stay small and do all of its own work. This enables us to keep up our stringent standards and have an impeccable track record as far as quality goes (which is something we are very proud of). The owner of Ace Roofing is one of the on-site workers for each and every roofing project!

Concerns: Is the roofing company that provided your with the estimate also the providing one of their own crews to complete the job? This is an extremely important issue, and many people have been utterly shocked at the appearance and conduct of the crew that arrived to complete the project. Furthermore, the use of subcontractors gives rise to issues relating to liability and warranty. And going back to the previous point, you can be sure that a subcontractor is making considerably less money than the roofing company that provided the quote -- what is their motivation for a job well done?

6. We Have Strict Work and Material Standards

As far as roofing goes, there are minimum standards, as set by local building codes, and there is the Ace Roofing standard. By utilizing experienced professionals to complete each and every roofing task, and by using high quality and additional materials in known problem zones (such as valleys, eaves, skylights, and chimneys) we have opted not to cut corners but to invest in a roof done right the first time. We insist on additional roofing protection such as drip edge, ice and water guard, and metal valleys, and we refuse to work with materials that have a bad track record in our eyes. We have no agreements with particular suppliers or brands, and are therefore free to be honest regarding the products we utilize. In comparison, we believe that most companies knowingly promote and use crappy products, simply because of the profit margins and because they are able to put together cheap estimates as a result of this practice. Unless you are an experienced roofer you don't know how many corners can be cut to minimize costs, and maximize profits. Our philosophy is simple: provide a level of quality that is identical to that that we would use on our very own homes.

Concerns: Is your roofing company providing you with quality workers and materials, or are they simply trying to maximize their profit margins? From the start Ace Roofing has had the option to offer cheaper products, and fewer of them, and to hire temporary labourers for peanuts, but neither one of these scenarios have ever taken place with Ace Roofing. We refuse to install crap, or to hire anyone we can't vouch for. Our marketing plan depends almost completely on referrals and word-of-mouth, and so we strive to work very diligently, using materials that will best guarantee a beautiful and long lasting result for you and your home.

7. We Recognize the Importance Of the Clean Up Process

In our eyes a complete job ends in a thorough clean up of our work site. Unlike some who think they are finished when the last shingle is nailed on, we continue to work by clearing out your gutters, picking up debris, and sweeping the work area for nails. Though is nearly impossible to be perfect in this department, we do our absolute best going over our work area 3, 4, and even 5 times. We do not leave until our clients are satisfied with our clean up.

8. Ace Roofing Is Fully Insured

As in most other regards, our certification and insurance exceeds the minimum requirements set by our industry. As a matter of fact, we double the minimum requirements to protect the welfare of our clients and their property for a total of up to $2,000,000.00. Also, Ace Roofing has been a licensed business from the start, following the proper protocols for business reporting and registration.