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About Ace Roofing

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At Ace Roofing we pride ourselves on standing out from the pack, as we have been doing for 13+ years now. There are many ways in which we are able to do so.

First of all, Ace Roofing runs a single roofing crew that has been been working together for a long time. From time to time, and for larger projects in particular, we may hire additional help but never in a true roofing capacity -- our additional help is generally used for the clean up effort. Each of our team members is a professional roofer with years of experience and is himself capable of handling any and all portions of the roofing process. Secondly we do not strive to grow the size of our company in an effort to make more money. The way we see it we've got a fantastic track record that is built upon dealing with our clients one-on-one and handling our jobs one at a time with one awesome crew instead of maximizing profits by hiring numerous crews on a seasonal basis.

On the same note, we do not attempt to maximize our profits by cutting corners when it comes to quality and quantity of materials. We understand that most people do not need or want an overly extravagant/expensive roof, but we do not slide down to the other side of the scale either. Our roofing estimates include lots of supposed "extras" -- materials that will help your roof stand the test of time but are often not included or considered "additional costs" by our competitors. Our philosophy and methods ensure an optimum return on your investment.

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Our Services

Residential Shingle Re-Roofing
New Construction Roofing
Shake to Shingle Conversions
Roof Maintenance and Inspections

A Message From the Owner

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"Ace Roofing is NOT driven by the desire to undertake the maximum number of jobs at the lowest price. We do not look to compete with our cheapest competitors because all too often this proves to be a terrible mistake for both client and company. From the start this company has been engineered to complete a finite number of jobs each year, allowing us to focus our efforts on long term results. This comes at the expense of profit to us, but compensates our efforts by advancing the company through its reputation for good and honest work. Your roof protects your greatest investment -- entrust it to us and you are guaranteed professionalism and our full attention."

Robert Gajda - Owner, Operator, Roofer

Company Information

  • 13+ years of roofing services in the Okanagan
  • $2,000,000 of liability insurance to protect you and your home
  • Fully licensed to perform our work in the ares that we service
  • Insured and guaranteed worksmanship on all of the projects we complete
  • One dedicated, experienced and hard working crew for all of our projects
  • Free estimates that are guaranteed to be accurate
  • Small company built on a reputation for quality and hard work