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ace roofing shingle company vernon kelowna winfield

At Ace Roofing we have formulated a solid strategy to stand out in the roofing industry. With several options available to our potential customers, we pride ourselves in conducting our work in a manner that is second to none. The following are some of the major considerations to take into consideration when hiring a roofing contractor:

  • We Conduct Free, Honest Estimates
  • Once We Have Calculated A Price, It Does Not Change
  • We Stick To Our Project Dates
  • We Recognize the Importance Of Clean Up
  • Our Projects Are Handled By Professionals
  • We Do Not Subcontract Out Our Work
  • We Have Strict Work and Material Standards
  • Ace Roofing Is Fully Insured

We strongly urge you to read our article: Why Hire Ace Roofing? This is a no-nonsense article that addresses all of the concerns you should consider when hiring someone to work on your roof.

ace roofing shingle company vernon kelowna winfield

At an extremely early point in the life of Ace Roofing it was decided that our high level of service would be complemented by the use of quality materials, and so it has been from the very start. With the oil price spike of 2008 a lot of manufacturers turned their backs on quality in an effort to minimize costs and maximize profits. This single event, more than any other we are aware of, has had a long lasting effect on the roofing landscape.

Both in the interest of our clients and in the interest of Ace Roofing's good reputation we continually reject the use of cheaper alternatives not just in shingles, but in felt, ridge caps, ventilation, tar, and pretty much any other product that we utilize. We know that this lends itself to higher material costs, but we know this maximizes our client's return on investment in the long term. When it comes to materials, the Ace Roofing philosophy is very simple: we do not install anything on our clients homes that we would not install on our own!

Check out some of the roofing products we work with.

ace roofing shingle company vernon kelowna winfield

Ace Roofing is happy to provide free no committment roofing estimates in the Okanagan. Typically our service area includes Vernon, Coldstream, Kelowna, Lake Country, Winfield, Carrs Landing, Westside Road, Armstrong, and West Kelowna though we've gone as far as Port Alberni, Surrey, Salmon Arm, Enderby and more.

You are already here, right? Give us a call at 1 250 558 7223 or use our contact form to set up an appointment for your free no-obligation estimate.

Please keep in mind that we:

  • DO NOT do any metal roofing installation
  • DO NOT do any torch on roofing application
  • DO NOT do any gravel roof conversions
  • DO NOT sell roofing products on their own
  • DO NOT provide over-the-phone estimates
  • DO NOT price match your lowest quotes

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Give us a call at 1 250 558 7223 or use our contact form to request a roofing estimate by Ace Roofing.

professional experienced roofing company vernon kelowna winfield

Experienced Professionals

Ace Roofing is an established roofing company that has built itself around its reputation: quality products installed by professionals!

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Only Quality Products

Product quality is paramount to a beautiful, long lasting roof. We have the knowledge to weed out the good from the bad, maximizing your investment.

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Samples of Our Work

View photos of our past work. The proof is in the pudding -- beauty and longevity are characteristic of all of our roofing services.

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Information About Ace Roofing

And because of this fact we are almost completely dependent on our clients satisfaction and word-of-mouth sales leads to stay in business. This means we strive to exceed our customers expectations on each and every job.
The commencement of an Ace Roofing project insinuates a guarantee of the accuracy of our quote (the only exception being wood work which we cannot predict on re-roofing projects). This means that you will only pay what was quoted, and no more.
The owner of Ace Roofing is also the lead roofer on each and every project we undertake. This means that not only will he be working hard on your roof, but that he will also be supervising every aspect of the work to ensure maximum quality.
We are not an all-encompassing roofing company. We have narrowed our specialties to provide high quality and efficient worksmanship. We offer fiberglass shingle installation for new and old homes and buildings, and wood shake to asphalt shingle conversions (and we are exceptionally skilled at this type of project).
An accurately drawn up estimate is one of the first steps towards the successful completion of a roofing project, but its accuracy is absolutely crucial if the job is to be completed on budget and on time. Our estimates include exact measurements and some face-to-face time to discuss your concerns, needs, and options.
At Ace Roofing we have a single experienced roofing crew that has, over the course of time, proven itself to be very professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Furthermore, and in combination with very specific and high standard requirements of our materials, we are extremely confident in the service and finished product we provide our clients with.
Too many roofing contractors sub-contract their work out to others. When this happens this means that the company that prepared your quote is not actually the same company that will show up at your door to do the work. In our opinion this is a terrible and greedy practice that all-too-often results in massive headaches and problems. Ace Roofing never has and never will subcontract out our work.
Over the years Ace Roofing has had the pleasure of working throughout many towns in British Columbia. Simply contact Ace Roofing to discuss your roofing project.

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