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Shingle Brands of the Okanagan

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Please note that the following opinions and commentary, and any opinions and commentary on this website are based on our roofing experiences. We do not purposefully intend to slander any particular brand or manufacturer, nor do we promote any particular brand with payments for promotion, bribery, or with the intent of acquiring discounts or gifts from suppliers. The following are honest opinions on the products that we have used in the past, and are intended to educate our clients so that they may understand why we work with the products that we work with, and also so that our clients can make better decisions regarding their roofs.

When considering the rating for shingles we address the following areas of concern: granule retention, algae resistance, self adhesion, flexibility, weight, warranty, width of nailing area, price, ease of installation, number of warranty claims, supplier and stock availability.

Malarkey Shingles

(Vista, Highlander CS, Northwest XL, Windsor lines)

Malarkey Roofing Products is a family owned and operated company that continually proves itself to be at the forefront of shingle innovation. This, combined with their high quality standards and willingness to decrease profit margins in the name of reliability makes Malarkey shingles a perfect match for Ace Roofing.

Malarkey roofing products are extremely well engineered and built from quality components. These shingles are more expensive than their comparable counterparts, but come with a proven track record that promises better protection from the elements and better weatherability, meaning that your roof will look better longer. We are extremely confident in the quality of Malarkey shingles, and we strongly recommend them for all of our roofing projects. We are pleased to offer Highlander CS shingles which are 30 year shingles, Northwest XL shingles which are the same style but come with a 40 year warranty, and Windsor shingles which offer a more elegant design with lifetime warranty. As of 2017 we are also happy to offer Vista shingles, which come with a limited lifetime warranty.

NOTE: Malarkey shingles are the only brand that we install on roof slopes of 8/12 or greater. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that this is the brand we would install on our homes, without hesitation.

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Owens Corning

(Duration line)

Owens Corning is best known for their "Pink Panther" fiberglass insulation, but the company has expanded into different markets as well. Owens Corning Oakridge line of shingles was mediocre at best, but they've taken things up a notch with their Duration 30 year shingles. These shingles seem to have followed Malarkey's innovations as best as they could without infringing on patents, and have come up with a very good and relatively inexpensive product.

With Duration shingles we are pleased to notice good granule retention, and very good adhesion and self-sealing. This is definitely one of our favourites and is commonly one of the brands included in our free roofing quotes.

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(Landmark line)

Just to clarify Certainteed does an awful marketing job by confusing their clients. They have four series of shingles: Landmark TL, Landmark Premium, Landmark Pro, and Landmark and the latter is the only one that Ace Roofing has any experience with, and not that much either.

In our area the Landmark series is the most commonly (only?) used of the four, as it the standard 30 year laminate shingle offered by Certainteed. To be honest Ace Roofing has done only a few Certainteed Landmark installs, and none in the last few years. From what we recall granule retention on these shingles is mediocre at best, and this is a big concern for this product.

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(Harmony / Mystique line)

Up until a few years ago BP Harmony shingles, now known as BP Mystique, were the second most popular shingles installed in the area, following IKO's Cambridge line. The pricing of these shingles was their main attraction. BP Harmony shingles had very mediocre granule retention, but more importantly their self-sealing property was very ineffective. Successive rows of shingles would not adhere one-to-the-other and it seemed like for quite a long stretch of time, when we were called out to do inspections and repairs on peoples roofs (not the roofs we installed, mind you) this shingle was the what had been installed.

Though its been said that the western BP shingle plant has had some major overhauls and product engineering improvements in the last few years, it appears that this shingle has vastly declined in popularity. This shingle was often stocked by lumber yards because of its profit margins, but we have not seen it around in a few years (though we are sure that someone is still stocking it).

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(Cambridge line)

IKO Cambridge is a line of 30 year laminate shingles, and is probably the most common brand and line of shingles installed in the Okanagan. However, we feel that this fact is solely because of IKO's price point, and is not based on product quality. In our experience Cambridge shingles are at least somewhat problematic, with too many people experiencing cracking, lack of cohesion, and unacceptable levels of granule loss almost immediately following installation and never really stopping.

Though IKO has taken some steps to remedy these issues by improving their shingles we seldom utilize this brand of shingle, though we can quote and supply it. Typically we use IKO shingles only when we are patching or repairing or adding onto a roof that already has IKO shingles on it and we are looking for an exact colour match.

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(Timberline line)

GAF Timberline shingles is another product that Ace Roofing has not installed very often. To be sure, we've installed this product on a couple of roofs, but these were infrequent and far apart. These shingles were quite mediocre, with quite a bit of initial granule loss.

As an added deterrent, these shingles do not have a 3-tab equivalent for us to use as ridge caps. Instead GAF has come up with a line of perforated "snap-caps" that we feel are too narrow, too fragile, and overpriced. Furthemore, and as a direct result of these proprietary ridge caps there is a small increase in the amount of waste materials when we use GAF shingles.

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Shingle Brands of the Okanagan