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Professional Moss Removal

Moss (usually mistakenly referred to as algae in the roofing world) is a fairly common problem on some asphalt shingles in the Okanagan. This problem typically occurrs on parts of the roof that receive little sunlight (in our area this normally means north facing parts of roofs, or roofs that are shaded by trees). Where there is little sunlight and enough moisture, moss can find root and begin to grow. This issue is often compounded by the use of "cheap" shingles, which include little to no moss resistance and which may have higher ratios of limestone to tar. Additionally, roofs that accumulate organic debris such as leaves and needles, add to the occurrence and the rapid growth of moss.

Ace Roofing is very happy to offer some professional moss removal, combined with an effective moss treatment that will deter moss growth for some time to come; once moss has began growing on a roof, it is difficult (impossible?) to stop altogether, but the process can be slowed down drastically using an effective removal technique and some concentrated professional moss killing agents. This service and this process is extremely effective at drastically improving the aesthetic appeal of an affected roof, and can also extend the life of your shingles.

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professional moss removal from roof asphalt shingles

Before Moss Removal

before professional moss removal

After Moss Removal

after professional moss removal

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